Our Story

What started as an outlet for the rollercoaster of emotions I felt following an unexpected breast cancer diagnosis, art became my passion that shaped the way I shared my pain, my joy, my disappointments, my grief, but most importantly, my gratitude for life. I embraced life’s imperfections and began to see beauty in the most unexpected places. 

Citizen-T was a manifestation of these unexpected places. It is a collection of reinvented clothing, selected from landfills and secondhand stores reimagined as a canvas for art. I believe that old is still beautiful, what we have is enough, and art is everywhere. Partnering with artists across the country, I reinvent the T-Shirts. 

Citizen-T is a company championed by artists, donned by ethical citizens, hell-bent on changing the world. A percentage of all the proceeds is given to charity. 

This is Citizen-T. 

Founder and Artist, The Citizen-T Project

We're putting an end to wasteful manufacturing in fashion.
millions tons of waste the fashion industry produces on annual basis
years it takes for textiles to decompose in landfills
percent of clothes produced each year end up in landfill

Our Process

We divert previously loved or unused shirts from the landfill, with a focus on: 

+ Post-Consumer: Our team of sourcing experts scour for quality previously used or returned shirts 

+ Pre-Consumer: We tap unsold inventory with music partners, giving tour merch a new lease on life.

Once we’ve washed and sanitized the shirts, they move into our proprietary dying processes. 

After that, we add art that is curated and designed by designers. This can be in the form of graffiti, stencils, prints, and more.     

Our Story


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